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Alyssa Loredo: Triumph and Wild Game Jerky

alyssa loredo
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Our Start

Wild Game Jerky isn’t just another jerky supplier, we’re a family-owned and operated Central Valley small business. Starting back in 2010, we sold all kinds of exotic jerky at festivals and fairs like the Beards, BBQ, & Brew even in Turlock. And, we’ve been featured in the Fresno Food Expo.  We’re always looking for places to participate in our community and spread our awesome Jerky!

Our Leader

The heart and mind behind our company is Alyssa Loredo, whose mom is always motivating her to pursue her business. Alyssa Loredo is a young woman who has been working hard to see this business grow. Thanks to her three years of hard work in FFA, she won first this year.

She, along with three of her peers, won national Future Farmers of America Proficiency awards. They won over 700,000 other candidates because of their exceptional character and hard work. According to Colden Valley’s FFA advisor Cody Jacobsen, “The students dedication toward being successful and focus on being continual learners is admirable, these students will continue to be successful throughout their lives.”

Ms. Loredo’s agriculture teacher, Stephanie Kuhr stated they “both started screaming so loudly that one of our neighboring teachers came to ask if everything was okay.” While the announcement of her win was no surprise to anyone who knew her, it was still much cause for celebration!

Even her fellow classmates and teachers knew of Alyssa Loredo’s love for her jerky business. From her time selling jerky at the Merced County Fair she picked up the nickname “jerky girl”.

Jerky Girl (Alyssa Loredo) won the award for agricultural sales-entrepreneurship thanks to skills she’s been cultivating from a very young age from selling jerky.  Her business has grown from popup shops at fairs to online retail with her own website and Amazon shop and will continue to grow even bigger!

Over one hundred stores across California stock Wild Game Jerky! And we’re just getting started!

Our Message to Our Customers

We work hard, never give up, and we’re going to take it to the next level next year. This year has been challenging, but we’re still in business and as busy as ever! So make sure you order now before the holidays so we don’t run out of any of your favorite flavors!

We sell over thirty types of jerky including: Wild Boar Barbecue, Alligator Cajun, and Venison Teriyaki. Order from our online shop or checkout our locator to find a store near year and savor something different!

Our Message to Store Owners

We love helping local stores increase profit and return customers by providing them with our irresistible jerky. If that sounds like something you’d be interested in, then make sure to visit the contact page and send us a message so we can help make your store just a little more wild.

Don’t forget to follow us on social media to stay connected!

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