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Wild Game Jerky roots for all of the wild ones out there–the snackers who get outdoors, pursue new adventures, and seek to be more than just average.

After all, we can relate. See that girl over on the right?

That’s Justina. Founder of Wild Game Jerky. Bit of an entrepreneurial spirit from a young age, if you couldn’t tell. And yes, the farm animals are the real deal.

Wild Game Jerky has a pretty simple story behind it’s start, and a rocky journey to where we are today.


Yup. Not exactly the crazy (potentially made-up) story most companies tell you, right?

Justina happened to see an ad one for a jerky company looking for a distributor in the California Region. “Buffalo Bob’s Wild Game Jerky” was looking to start selling some of their gator and buffalo jerky out west.

Being the adventurous person she is, she started with a sample. And without making too heavy of a drug reference, one try was all it took for her to be hooked. She knew people were going to love this.

With a little marketing magic and some old-fashioned people skills, Wild Game Jerky started popping up in stores all over California.

What started as a small operation wound up taking over the entire state. It seems cheesy, but that’s what happens when you have an amazing product that people love.

a little personality helps...

Looking back, it’s not so surprising that our Jerky has become as popular as it has. After all, Justina knows a thing or two about grit (it sort of comes with the territory when you’re a single mom running a business).

For the wild among us, we know that if at first you don’t succeed, you try again. And for every negative reaction along the way towards building up Wild Game Jerky, Justina went out and hustled until she got the positive reaction she knew this jerky deserved. 

The reason is simple: one of the main things we want to be associated with is passion. We’re passionate about this amazing jerky, and we want to share that with you.

If you’re stocking our product in your store, believe us when we say NO ONE wants you to succeed more than we do. Business is business at the end of the day, but it’s not just about that. Most of the stores that stock our jerky have been doing so for 5+ years, and we’ve got some really solid relationships with those people. 

If there’s something we can do to make sure those stores succeed, whether it’s helping them sell more of our jerky (and generating some return customers in the process) or just giving them general business ideas, we’re all about it.

we care about the little guy too

If you’re just a consumer of the product, we want to make sure you love it. That you have an awesome experience tearing into this jerky on your next fishing trip, campout with the family, or as a snack after a tough workout. It should be something you can enjoy, but also something that gets you just a bit of attention–Why yes, you are eating some alligator jerky. Yes, it does feel good to be on top of the food chain, doesn’t it?

It always makes us laugh. People think the jerky is “just a gimmick” until they actually try some of it. But it’s not just there to generate a laugh, and one taste is usually all it takes to realize that. 

If we were only in business for the “gimmick” factor, we wouldn’t choose jerky that’s MSG free, low-carb, and high in protein. Why focus on sticking with all-natural spices and quality cuts of meat if you’re not interested in making sure each consumer walks away wanting more? You get the point.


Wild Game Jerky is a growing company, founded by a single mom with a lot of love for her daughter (and passion for great jerky). 

We love the stores that stock our product, and we love the consumers who keep coming back for more.

We believe that living on the wild side is the only side worth living on, and that being passionate about what you do is the secret ingredient for a life well-lived.