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You’ve got questions, and we’ve got answers. 

To comply with USDA Standards, we’re required to have 10% to 15% Beef. With that said, we use between 65–85% wild game meat in each stick.

None of our products use MSG, and most of our products are Gluten-free other than Teriyaki flavors.

You bet it is. No matter which jerky option you choose, you can rest assured that it’s the real deal. After all, we wouldn’t exactly be Wild Game Jerky without wild game in our jerky.

We get all of our jerky from Buffalo Bob’s Snacks because of their consistently high quality and unbeatable taste. Plus, all of Buffalo Bob’s snacks are produced here in the US (in Barrien Springs to be precise).

You might as well be asking which child is the favorite…

In all seriousness, our alligator jerky tends to be the #1 seller, so that probably says a lot right there, although right now one of our favorites is the Venison Fire jerky. 

Of course, to be on the safe side, you should probably just buy a bit of each so you can decide for yourself 😉

Just reach out! Click the contact button below to be taken to the contact page and shoot us a message. We’re always looking to help new stores increase their profitability by featuring our jerky.