Q: How much wild game is in each jerky?
A: By USDA Standards, it is required to have 10% to 15% Beef. We use between 65% – 85% wild game meat.

Q: Which one is your favorite?
A: That’s a tough one, but I have to say that my current favorite is my Venison Fire. It has the right amount of Fire Seasoning for my taste buds. And the meat is cured to juicy perfection for jerky.

Q: Which one is your top seller?
A: Alligator! We all want to Try Something Wild, plus it’s on my advertisements as my mascot.

Q: Why can’t I find you in every store?
A: It takes time to introduce the product and find the right location.

Q: Who are your customers?
A: We have many. Tourists love us and will pick out $20.00 to $50.00 of Buffalo Bob’s Wild Game Jerky and Wild Game Snack Sticks at a time. They are athletes, hunters, fishermen, meat lovers and many others.