Wild Game Jerky was started in 2010 by Justina Sabala. Justina started at the age of 12 in 1976, waking up before her siblings to make sure she could make her earnings selling the family corn crop at the shop they had set up on the family property. By the age of 17, she went to college to become a CNA in the medical field. Unfortunately, the AIDs epidemic and not being able to enjoy weekends off at the age of 20 scared her out of the field in 1986, but opened up doors to her successful career as a business woman. Her career began in 1988 at the age of 22 reselling novelty items such as toys from movies and realized that trendy items would be the most fun, honest, and successful direction to follow in the business world. This is where she learned the structure from manufacturing, distributing, and customer service. She has maintained success by understanding what the people want and finding the best way to serve the people with integrity and quality, by figuring how to take on the distributor role and working with stores to be able to offer her products at honest prices, backed with great customer service. But let’s not forget about the fun she had while doing so! With her flexibility and control of her markets, she found ways to offer fun body jewelry and custom shirts to the local stores and their customers all around the Central Valley of CA.


In 2010, Justina’s life took a wonderful turn of events. Yes, the economy had crashed and many were forgetting about novelty items and excess spending, but Ms. Sabala was blessed with a beautiful daughter and geared up for the long haul of parenting. Her business goals and priorities changed for the better and set out in the world to design a long term company to support the life of a single mother, who does it all for her daughter. Buffalo Bob’s Jerky came across Justina’s world through a simple magazine ad and she saw her chance to get what she wanted out of business for her daughter. She contacted Buffalo Bob’s out of Michigan, and Wild Game Jerky was founded. The first couple years were rough, but through it all she gained enough recognition through hard work, dedication, honesty, and customer service representing Buffalo Bob’s that they deemed her as the sole exclusive distributor for the California region and neighboring cities. 7 years into the business and she has grown the company to where we stand today with over 200 stores under her belt. We would like to invite you to becoming a part of our next journey to be able to serve Buffalo Bob’s famous Wild Game Jerky to families and homes across California! Stay tuned to see what we do for our local communities and our wonderful holiday gift options!